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Bob Waliszewski

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Pro-Social Content

Taking a stand in a lopsided relationship, Faith criticizes a man for being
“a river of give and an ocean of take” (“What’s in It for Me”). She claims to be happy and satisfied with the man in her life on “Breathe,” “I Got My Baby,” “Bringing Out the Elvis” and “The Way You Love Me.” Lifelong commitment is central to “It Will Be Me” and the Bruce Springsteen-penned “If I Should Fall Behind.” The singer also pays tribute to love (“Love Is a Sweet Thing”) and longs to bridge the miles separating her from her man (“If My Heart Had Wings”). On “There Will Come a Day,” she contemplates this cold world and looks forward to heaven, “a better place where our Father waits” without tears, darkness or sin.

Objectionable Content

Minor. Faith and her husband want to “make love all night long until our strength is gone” on the duet “Let’s Make Love.” A mild profanity mars “If My Heart Had Wings.” Alluring CD photos trade in her “girl next door” image for Shania Twain-esqe sexiness.

Summary Advisory

Sweet, yet powerful vocals arm Hill equally well for country ballads or impassioned pop. One lyric aside, she hits a moral bulls-eye with her songs, though parents should preview the disc’s pix for appropriateness.

Bob Waliszewski
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