The First Lady


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Tom Neven
Bob Smithouser

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Pro-Social Content

On “Again” Evans notes that God is watching over her. She adds, “Even though my money’s changed, I try my best to stay the same.” “Tru Love” promises a partner, “Before I tell you a lie I’ll give my life/’Cause that’s true love.” “Hope” for a world in pain involves faith, prayer and divine intervention. Unsure if she should give herself to a lover, a girl realizes that a taste will only leave her wanting more (“Stop N Go”).

Objectionable Content

After giving in to inappropriate sex, the singer on “Catching Feelings” and “Ever Wonder” (a duet with Mario Winans) describes her hunger for more, with no regrets. The former states, “I let my guard down/It was only supposed to be one time/But now we find ourselves doin’ it over and over.” The latter admits, “We jumped into a situation too early, but it’s something our bodies can’t ignore.” A few profanities pop up, including racial slang and a lone s-word. Despite dumping a two-timer on “Goin’ Out,” Evans later treats her demand for exclusivity as if it’s her own problem, because she’s naturally “Jealous.”

Summary Advisory

At 22 Faith Evans married gangsta rap kingpin Notorious B.I.G. She bore him a son before he was gunned down by rivals in 1997. Her latest release, The First Lady, stylishly combines elements of Motown and R&B. If only positive songs about love and faith weren’t sullied by others expressing a chronic lack of sexual self-control.

Tom Neven
Bob Smithouser
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