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Bob Waliszewski

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Bent on abusing his First Amendment freedoms, this vile rapper taunts his critics on “White America” (“F— you, Mrs. Cheney [and] Tipper Gore!”), and vents spleen at his mother, father and ex-wife, who he calls a “selfish b–ch” (“Cleaning Out My Closet”). Eminem rails against the government on “Square Dance” and says, “I have the money to have you killed.” That track and others (“Soldier,” “Superman,” etc.) involve unconventional sex. “Drips” gets far too explicit to even hint at here. It also finds the artist threatening violence against a pregnant woman. “When the Music Stops” includes a line about knifing prostitutes. Obscenities and misogynist slang appear throughout the CD’s 77-plus minutes. Several songs glamorize drugs and alcohol in the form of vodka, marijuana, gin, Hennessy and “weed mixed with some hard liquor.” A half-dozen more speak of malicious violence with lines such as, “Bullet with your name—sendin’ it your way” and “Put anthrax on a Tampax and slap you till you can’t stand.” Elsewhere, he claims to have sold out to the devil and brags about influencing young fans.

Summary Advisory

So much hate. Once again, Marshall Mathers goes on an audio rampage and revels in his ability to make parents’ blood boil. Don’t let teens catch his Show.

Bob Waliszewski
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