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I Don’t Want You Back


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Bob Smithouser
Loren Eaton

Album Review

Pro-Social Content

“All Over Love” values a lasting relationship over material things.

Objectionable Content

Sexually explicit tracks involve profane propositions (“On &On,” “I Want You So Bad”), lewd play-by-play (“Lo Rida,” “My Baby’s Lost”), crass accusations and rough sex in a bathroom stall (“Something Strange”). A man and woman who don’t even like each other keep getting physical on “4 the Rest of Your Life.” Eamon tells one of his many women, “I’d Rather F— With You.” Other misogynistic cuts with harsh titles speak of casual sex, pole-dancing strippers and oral stimulation. The hit single “F— It (I Don’t Want You Back)” is an angry send-off to an unfaithful girlfriend. Women are commonly referred to as “b–ches” and “hos.” In fact, “I Love Them Hos (Ho-Wop)” applauds promiscuity and thanks a groupie for sexual favors. Several songs mention marijuana, Ecstasy or alcohol. The Staten Island native describes starting his day with breakfast and a large joint as he recalls a sexual conquest (“Finally”).

Summary Advisory

Young Eamon (pronounced “ay-mon”) combines street-corner rhythms, modern hip-hop and some of the most distasteful lyrics—and titles—in recent memory. To make things worse, he thanks “my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ” for the ability to spread this airborne virus.

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Bob Smithouser
Loren Eaton