It’s Dark and Hell Is Hot


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Bob Waliszewski

Album Review

Pro-Social Content

The artist addresses the Lord on “Prayer,” however . . .

Objectionable Content

“F—in’ with D” says, “Since I run with the devil, I’m one with the devil.” That sentiment is echoed on “Let Me Fly,” “Niggaz Done Started Something” and “I Can Feel It.” Explicit, barbaric threats range from murdering police (“Crime Story”) and shooting a man in the head (“Ruff Ryders’ Anthem”), to dismembering an enemy before killing his wife and raping his daughter right in front of him (“X-Is Coming”). On “Look Thru My Eyes, “DMX misapplies Matthew 7:1 in defense of his violent lifestyle. “Get at Me Dog” and “Stop Being Greedy” refer to getting drunk and high. Four cuts contain crude sexual slang.

Summary Advisory

DMX(which stands for Dark Man X) has become his label’s poster boy for a “return to anarchy, enraged and raw.” And he’s living out his art. Born Earl Simmons, DMX was recently arrested and charged with rape, sodomy and the unlawful imprisonment of a stripper. Steer clear of Hell.

Bob Waliszewski
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