Wide Open Spaces


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Bob Waliszewski

Album Review

Pro-Social Content

Tender moments pay big dividends according to “Never Say Die,” a tribute to lifelong love. A woman pledges to love her man despite the ridicule of others on “I’ll Take Care of You.” On “I Can Love You Better” and “There’s Your Trouble,” the Chicks urge men to let go of dead-end relationships, and offer to fill the void. A young woman leaves home with her parents’ blessing to pursue her dreams on “Wide Open Spaces.” Though not exactly the “tough love” approach, a distraught wife begs her cheating husband to come home for the sake of their two children (“You Were Mine”). “Let ‘Er Rip” finds an unmarried woman courageously facing her man’s goodbye, confident that she’ll move on and be just fine.

Objectionable Content

A far less courageous woman drowns her sorrows at a bar after being dumped (“Tonight the Heartache’s on Me”).

Summary Advisory

Dixie Chicks is made up of Natalie Maines and sisters Martie and Emily Siedel. A gifted team. With the noted exception, their sensitive songs of female empowerment convey a down-home morality.

Bob Waliszewski
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