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Bob Waliszewski

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Pro-Social Content

Dido credits her man with making life’s inconveniences seem like no big deal (“Thankyou”). “All You Want” examines the destructiveness of infidelity, calls it “sin” and alludes to the biblical principle of sowing and reaping. Instead of digging her roots into the soil of self-pity, the vexed singer wants to feel safe and happy again (“Honestly OK”). “Slide” reassures a friend plagued by guilt that mistakes happen and it’s time to move on. Similarly, “Isobel” tells an anguished woman to stop punishing herself for an unnamed offense. Entertainment Weekly reported that “Isobel” is about abortion, making several lines which humanize the fetus quite poignant (“Would he have loved you and not let you down?”), however . . .

Objectionable Content

Dido adds, “I hope you’re well and what you’ve done is right.” The artist (who is single) fails to provide marital context on the morally ambiguous “My Lover’s Gone,” “Hunter” and “All You Want.” On “Don’t Think of Me,” a scorned woman unleashes her fury by telling her ex that his new girl is sleeping with his buddy.

Summary Advisory

This talented newcomer (whose name is pronounced Dye-do) may be best known for her lilting interludes on the trashy Eminem song “Stan.” Fortunately, her own disc never sinks to that level. With vocals that invite comparison to Cranberries lead singer Dolores O’Riordan, She has some very positive things to say. Still, vague relational contexts on No Angel could send teens mixed messages.

Bob Waliszewski
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