The Writing’s on the Wall


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Bob Waliszewski

Album Review

Pro-Social Content

A girl jettisons a guy for abusing her trust and sapping her financially (“Bills, Bills, Bills”), and reminds a naysayer of her achievements despite a lack of support (“So Good”). Self-respect keeps a woman from taking back a fickle old boyfriend (“Now That She’s Gone”).The disc concludes with a spirited rendition of “Amazing Grace.” Many songs open with admonishments such as “Thou shalt not hate” and “Thou shalt not give in to temptations,” however . . .

Objectionable Content

Lax sexual ethics include lusting after a young man’s body (“Temptations”), calling men and women to leave their partners for a wild night of clubbing (“Jumpin’ Jumpin'”) and sleeping with a guy just to get him to “Stay.” On “Sweet Sixteen,” the artist describes a teenage runaway who wound up pregnant, but instead of condemning premarital sex, she simply regrets that the girl didn’t stop to make sure the boy was “serious.” “Confessions” involves a woman detailing for her boyfriend how she cheated on him during a spat. A handful of profanities mar several cuts.

Summary Advisory

Nearly every male portrayed on this disc is a louse. To the foursome’s credit, they don’t advocate killing any of them, but a little balance would’ve been nice. Young fans might defend the group for its spiritual side, but Destiny’s Child is consumed with dysfunctional relationships that feature sex as an instrument of power. Better skip it.

Bob Waliszewski
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