Songs of Faith and Devotion


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Bob Waliszewski

Album Review

Pro-Social Content

“Get Right With Me” conveys faith in mankind and a measure of hope (“Friends, if you’ve lost your way you will find it again someday”), while asking people to be real, humble and sincere.

Objectionable Content

Sadistic selfishness is characteristic of “Judas” (“suffer some misery if you want my love . . . risk your health for me”) and “Mercy in You,” which celebrates an abusive relationship (“I suffer from greed, longing to feed on the mercy in you”). “One Caress” includes the theologically absurd statement, “I have to believe that sin can make me a better man.” “Walking in My Shoes” makes excuses for an amoral lifestyle and, as on “Condemnation,” the singer has no use for repentance or absolution.

Summary Advisory

The project’s title is misleading. Teens looking to Depeche Mode will find no faith and very little devotion worth imitating.

Bob Waliszewski
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