Everything’s Gonna Be Alright


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Bob Waliszewski

Album Review

Pro-Social Content

Love changes the world from black and white to color on “Michelangelo Sky” and “Colour Everywhere. “The Top-20 single “Absence of the Heart” finds a woman trying to reverse a romance’s downward spiral. Similarly, the singer is coaxed into missing a flight to solve relational woes (“People Miss Planes”). She forces a noncommittal male to fish or cut bait on “Make Up Your Mind.” On the title track, an omnipresent God watches over the faithful. With a funky groove, “Never Comin’ Down “tells about a girl who ignores shallow come-ons on a quest for “forever love” . . .

Objectionable Content

However, it arrives as a case of love at first sight (“He lit a cigarette when their eyes met”). “Angels Working Overtime “credits heaven with joining young lovers who have sex in a hotel room. Not-so-subtle sexual innuendo generates steam on “The Train Song.”

Summary Advisory

Some good messages. It’s a shame Carter (daughter of legendary guitarist Fred Carter Jr.) couldn’t resist the sex romps and irresponsible notions of what constitutes true love. A disappointment.

Bob Waliszewski
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