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Bob Waliszewski

Album Review

Pro-Social Content

A groveling man asks forgiveness for an unnamed mistake (“Let You Down”). On “Two Step,” he thanks a romantic partner for enhancing his journey through life. “#41” prescribes prayer, vulnerability and communication to soothe relational ills (“Drive in Drive Out” adds a sense of humor to that list). Fear and greed are deemed divisive (“Cry Freedom”), and the simple life is preferred to fame and fortune (“Proudest Monkey”).

Objectionable Content

The voyeuristic “Crash Into Me” paints the artist as a lustful Peeping Tom. “Say Goodbye” is no better; it’s a sexual come-on to a woman involved with another man (“Tomorrow go back to your man . . . Tonight let’s go all the way”). Various excesses (including alcohol) are described on “Too Much,” but the singer seems resigned to the habits. Luke 12:19 is distorted to justify a wild beach party featuring nudity and Tequila.

Summary Advisory

Stylish acoustic guitar work. A jazzy folk-rock sound. The disc soars when it stays focused on positive themes, but reckless partying, alcohol and casual sex ultimately cause it to Crash.

Bob Waliszewski
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