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Have You Forgotten?


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Bob Waliszewski

Album Review

Pro-Social Content

Worley refuses to ignore the homeless and urban poor on “Those Less Fortunate Than I.” He longs to return to the simpler days of his youth and recapture family memories on “Back Where I Belong.” The patriotic “Have You Forgotten?” invokes images of 9-11 to defend America’s war on terrorism. “POW 369” is a tribute to veterans of past conflicts, while “Shiloh” ponders the heavy price we incurred during the Civil War. On “Family Tree,” a man is eager to fulfill the command of Genesis 1:22. Although not looking for a fight, the singer makes it clear that he won’t back down if push comes to shove (“I Will Hold My Ground”).

Objectionable Content

The cure for life’s pressures is a drinking binge on “I Need a Breather.” “Tennessee River Run” features a party enhanced by beer. Worley alludes to sex in a questionable context (“The Least That You Can Do”) and is proud to be a fast-living rebel headed for disaster (“The Way Things Are Goin”).

Summary Advisory

Most of this 16-track CD serves up warm slices of Americana, but a few cuts spoil the fun.

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Bob Waliszewski