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Bob Waliszewski

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This one-woman verbal wrecking crew unleashes her hostility and sexual venom on most of Unrestricted’s 17 tracks. She opens the disc by warning, “I create corpses for caskets and coffins” (“Intro”) and proceeds to glamorize gunplay and murder (“Runnin’ Out of Time,” “Hands in the Air,” “That’s What I’m Looking For,” etc.). Descriptions of sexual promiscuity are the rule. Da Brat and her guest rappers use the f-word and anatomical slang to discuss sexual positions, anal intercourse, lesbianism, adultery and a ménage à trois. Elsewhere a man brags, “Me, I got 20 hos” (“Breeve on ‘Em”). No fewer than ten cuts extol the virtues of drugs and alcohol in the form of weed, blunts, indo, spliff, Tequila, hash, hack and cocaine. The augmented artist’s immodest cover and liner photos show lots of cleavage.

Summary Advisory

Like Foxy Brown and Lil’ Kim before her, Da Brat proves she can be just as explicit and obnoxious as male gangsta rappers (one song is titled “F— You”). She’s also playing the moll off the record. A press tour to promote Unrestricted hit the skids recently when Da Brat was arrested for pistol-whipping a nightclubber in Atlanta. Of course, in this business, a felony charge usually boosts a career. Lest parents assume she’s a fringe player, Da Brat has opened most of the dates on Mariah Carey’s latest tour. Avoid at all costs.

Bob Waliszewski
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