Devil’s Night


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Bob Waliszewski

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Objectionable Content

A man brags about using Rohypnol to knock out a woman he wants to have sex with on “Blow My Buzz” (“Don’t worry ’bout what I put in your drink/It’s called a date-rape drug”). “Purple Pills” is a bad trip—possibly the most egregious pro-drug anthem to come along in years, touting everything from marijuana and hallucinogenic mushrooms to heroin and cocaine. “Fight Music” combines drugs and violence (“I’m past my limit of coke/I think I’ll up my high by slittin’ your throat”), and finds the rapper recalling fellatio from his grandmother, a handicapped woman he threatens to rape. These misogynists rap about sodomy, oral sex and taking turns with the same girl (“Nasty Minds”), as well as picking up transvestites (“American Psycho”) and pimping prostitutes (“Pimp Like Me”). At least seven tracks glamorize substance abuse. Still more promote outlaw chic, cheapening life by encouraging gunplay, murder and school violence. “Fight Music” even says, “This song is for any kid who gets picked on/A sick song to retaliate to.” Other obscenity-strewn cuts trash religion and advocate suicide.

Summary Advisory

Diseased at every level. The only thing more shocking than D12’s lack of conscience is that Devil’s Night is selling so well, no doubt to desensitized, disenfranchised fans of Eminem. Society will reap the whirlwind.

Bob Waliszewski
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