D12 World


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Bob Smithouser
Loren Eaton

Album Review

Pro-Social Content

A scathing rap is better than a gun, says “6 in the Morning” (“I’d rather pick up a pencil than a pistol”). On “Good Die Young,” life is precious and God is sovereign.

Objectionable Content

The title cut welcomes the listener to a world of sex, Ecstasy, prostitutes and guns while stating, “F— the real world!” It’s an umbrella theme for the rest of the disc. Women get called “slut,” “tramp” and other names on the misogynist anthem “B–ch.” Drugs show up in the form of marijuana, gin, cocaine, malt liquor, pills, psychedelic mushrooms, Hennessy and more. Explicit language describes racial hatred and sexual abuse (“American Psycho II”). A dozen raps glamorize the thug life with lines such as “[I’ll] sever your hands and your legs/Mail your brother your heart and send your mother your head” (“Keep Talkin’”) and “I done guillotine a n-gga” (“Get My Gun”). On “Bugz 97” a man threatens to cut off a woman’s breast. Another promises to break a guy’s face, urinate on him and torture his grandmother (“Loyalty”). Sexual misconduct includes pimpin’ hos, raping an elderly woman, a four-way tryst with twins and a “midget,” and telling an 8-year-old boy he should be sexually active—and that’s all on “Just Like U.” Other vile cuts descend into oral sex and incest.

Summary Advisory

Led by Eminem, D12 is an obscene hip-hop posse of six Detroit MCs. Their World is audio poison.

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Bob Smithouser
Loren Eaton