Looking Forward


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Bob Waliszewski

Album Review

Pro-Social Content

“Stand and Be Counted” honors the young man who gave his life in Tiananmen Square, and urges listeners to “Stand on the truth/Stand on your honor.” Forsaking the fast lane, the band sees value in the hopes and dreams of the “Heartland.” “No Tears Left” warns people to reject the advice of insincere, hypocritical fools. “Dream for Him” longs to respond honestly to children’s questions, yet wishes life’s truths weren’t so grim. Lyrics point out that romantic love breeds optimism (“Looking Forward”), requires effort (“Out of Control”) and lends support when times get tough (“Queen of Them All”). On “Faith in Me,” Stephen Stills tries to help a friend climb out of a rut (though that includes maxing out her credit card).

Objectionable Content

Profanities creep into “Faith in Me,” “Dream for Him,” “No Tears Left” and, most egregiously, “Seen Enough” (f- and s-words).

Summary Advisory

David Crosby, Stephen Stills, Graham Nash and Neil Young rejoin forces to deliver insightful social commentary for a new day. Looking Forward has much to say, both musically and lyrically. Unfortunately, careless language causes some great messages to get wasted on the way.

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Bob Waliszewski