To the Faithful Departed


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Bob Waliszewski

Album Review

Pro-Social Content

“Salvation” is an anti-drug anthem advising “all the kids with heroin eyes, don’t do it.” Two cuts (“Warchild” and “Bosnia”) condemn war, reminding listeners of the pain suffered by innocent children. Though it ends with a triumphant chant and simulated gunshots, “I Just Shot John Lennon” clearly opposes violence, pointing to the ex-Beatle’s 1980 murder as “a sad and sorry and sickening sight.” One of several sincere love songs, “Not Hollywood” distinguishes between true love and the kind portrayed on the silver screen. “Joe” is a tribute to the lead singer’s grandfather.

Objectionable Content

Minor. “I’m Still Remembering” paints an overly sympathetic picture of nihilistic suicide victim Kurt Cobain. A mild profanity appears on “Free to Decide.”

Summary Advisory

The Cranberries’ first two albums have sold a combined total of 10 million copies. One reason is the way Dolores O’Riordan weaves her Irish rock roots into passionate, at times tortured vocals that cry out for justice. This new effort is Faithful to that tradition-socially conscious and mostly optimistic.

Bob Waliszewski
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