Bury the Hatchet


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Bob Waliszewski

Album Review

Pro-Social Content

A couple facing a split are urged to recall their “eternal vows”(“Promises”). “Just My Imagination” credits a divine personality with creating the gift of love. On “You and Me, “lead singer Dolores O’Riordan pays tribute to her young son. She credits a person with being her “Saving Grace” and rejects a man who has habitually lied to her (“Shattered”). The singer is determined not to follow the crowd on “Copycat”(“So much for the radio/Everybody sounds the same/Everybody wears the same clothes now and everybody plays the game”). The love song “What’s on My Mind” expresses undying devotion.

With frustration and concern, “Fee Fi Fo” boldly condemns the sexual abuse of children (“How could you get satisfaction from the body of a child?/You’re vile, sick”).

Objectionable Content

Bitter over being spurned by a lover, a vengeful woman longs to see him miserable (“Loud and Clear”). They may be intended as sarcastic, but the flip suggestions “go out and get high . . . go out and get laid” on “Desperate Andy” could lead teens to act irresponsibly. On “Delilah, “O’Riordan threatens to “rearrange” someone’s face.

Summary Advisory

Creatively, Bury the Hatchet doesn’t break any new ground. That’s fine with us since the band’s quest for consistency has led to a lyrical steadiness that, with very few exceptions, reflects an upbeat view of life. Even so, the carelessness of “Desperate Andy” spoils a worthy effort.

Bob Waliszewski
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