Another Side


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Bob Smithouser

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Pro-Social Content

A recurring theme is “be yourself.” A dancer is proud to be “Marchin'” to the beat of his own drum, while things that make a girl attractive include her sense of personal style and decision to do things her own way (“Never Met a Girl Like You”). Bleu says, “Can’t worry about what other people might say/It’s who I am, gotta live my dream my own way” on “Push It to the Limit,” which rallies peers to band together and become champions. The duet with High School Musical co-star Vanessa Hudgens, “Still There for Me,” finds a couple apologizing for selfishness, and thanking each other for patience and faithfulness. A guy pledges his love and fidelity to a girl (“Deal With It”). On the dance floor a “Mixed Up” teen decides to be himself (“I don’t worry about trying to fit in/ Long as you’re cool, we can be friends”), but …

Objectionable Content

Bleu rejects counsel and tries to escape his troubles by drowning them out with music. A line on “She Could Be” conjures images of clubbing. “Stop” and “Homework” involve eyeing cute girls and turning them into prizes to be won. The latter states, “You’re looking so hot … that cute little walk … adore you, wanna hold you.”

Summary Advisory

Hormones kick in, but the edgiest line appears above. This Disney-hip disc is more about being true to oneself, which, allowing for parental wisdom, is a virtue.

Bob Smithouser
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