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Bob Waliszewski

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Pro-Social Content

The singer is willing to expose his “true self” on “No More, No Less.” He refuses to be weakened by someone else’s fears (“Slow”) and seeks a healthy cure for boredom (“Run”). The band has a history of using biblical terminology in vague contexts, and does so again on “Crown”(“Who’s gonna be my savior/Now that I’ve learned to believe . . . Who’s gonna be the shepherd/To lead this poor boy back home”). The innocuous love song “Tremble for My Beloved” reportedly conveys a dad’s insecurities about raising his child in “a world where madness craves.” An untitled bonus track finds a praying woman mourning the fact that her father’s alcoholism kept him from realizing his dreams. It’s noted that there’s more to the world than meets the eye on “Compliment.” The hopeful “Dandy Life” suggests that everyone can “find a happy face.”

Objectionable Content

Creepy CD art. Lyrically, none.

Summary Advisory

Lyrical obscurity and guitar-driven rhythms have become standard operating procedure for this five-man band. Fortunately, so has optimism. Not content to plumb rock’s darker side, Collective Soul stays positive (if a little vague)-the perfect antidote for fans of Bush or The Offspring. And parents of teens already prescribing to this group can confidently allow them to increase their Dosage.

Bob Waliszewski
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