Lord Willin’


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Bob Waliszewski

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These guys are notorious advocates and (by their own admission) peddlers of cocaine on eight tracks. “Intro” claims that dealing drugs is a family tradition that “started with my grandmama who distributed yay she had flown in from the Bahamas.” “I’m Not You” rationalizes selling poison to desperate people, and trivializes Christ in the process (“All of them lost souls and I’m their Jesus”). Alcohol and marijuana appear as well. Substance abuse and sexual misconduct pair up on “Gangsta Lean” and “When the Last Time.” The explicit “Let’s Talk About It” involves promiscuity and lesbian sex. Women are commonly referred to as “b–ches” and “hos.” Nine cuts brag of gunplay and/or murder. Lines include “I’ma throw a slug and hope you choke blood” (“Cot’ D–n”), “The first sign of trouble, that’s a hole up in your neck” (“Virginia”) and “We gon’ stomp yo a– dead in the ground/Few weeks, a couple bodies with no head’ll be found” (“FamLay Freestyle”). As one might expect, profanities and obscenities flow freely.

Summary Advisory

Bronx-born brothers Terrence and Gene Thornton (aka Pusha T and Malice) take pride in living their lyrics. And these lyrics are criminal. For example, “Cot’ D–n” claims, “The streets molded the man I am/The pimp, the hustla, the crook, the killer.” If Lord Willin’ isn’t a prosecutable confession, what is?

Bob Waliszewski
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