No Time to Kill


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Bob Waliszewski

Album Review

Pro-Social Content

On the title song, Black counts his days as precious gifts to be respected-and each moment as an opportunity. “Half the Man” credits his wife with being “half the man that I am,” and talks of his dependence on her for support. “I’ll Take Texas” is a bouncy tribute to the Lone Star state. The ability of a song to put a spring in our step is the focus of “State of Mind.”

Objectionable Content


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Clint turns a phrase as he borrows from the title of his first album, Killin’ Time. He also turns a corner. No Time to Kill demonstrates lyrical maturity. Instead of “drinkin’ [him]self blind,” Black avoids any endorsement of alcohol use or abuse. And, although a few songs mourn romances beyond repair, all of the relationships are wholesome. For young fans of hot fiddles and pedal steel guitar, a solid pick!

Bob Waliszewski
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