Comin’ Atcha


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Bob Waliszewski

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Pro-Social Content

These blossoming teenagers croon about admiring boys from afar (“Thinking About You”), sorting through romantic feelings (“A Touch of Love,” “Dying Rose”), and dealing with adolescent jealousies and regrets (“Two Timer,” “I Want You Back,” “What You Gonna Do Boy?”). “Life Ain’t Easy” and “The World We Live In “display a social conscience and desire to improve things (the former says, “When I see those people sitting hungry in the street/I put myself in their shoes”). The girls advocate reaching out to lonely peers on “Don’t Suffer in Silence.”

Objectionable Content

The singer admits to lying to friends on “Thinking of You.”

Summary Advisory

Think of this trio as a blend of Hanson, Spice Girls and CCM’s Point of Grace. The pop/hip-hop stylings of sisters Yonah (14), Cleopatra (16) and Zainam (17) invigorate songs about love, lost love and making the world a better place. Overall, a wholesome musical slumber party!

Bob Waliszewski
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