Chris Brown


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Bob Smithouser
Marcus Yoars

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Pro-Social Content

The 16-year-old lets girls down easy when he ends relationships (“Just Fine,” “Say Goodbye”). He assures a special young lady that, despite what some people think, their affection is the real thing (“Young Love”). Brown looks forward to the day he marries his soulmate on “Winner.” Of the disc’s nods to God, none is bolder or more positive than “Thank You,” a song that calls Mom a dear friend and praises Jesus.

Objectionable Content

The hit “Run It!” is loaded with lusty lingo as Brown (with guests Bow Wow and Jermaine Dupri) ogles females on a dance floor. Similarly, “Gimme That” and “Ain’t No Way (You Won’t Love Me)” find this teen bent on convincing slightly older women that he’s man enough to satisfy their needs. “Poppin'” includes the confession, “The way you wearin’ that top got yo’ boy so hot.” Elsewhere, he’s quick to dump one girl for another (“Is This Love?”) and tries to woo a “so sensual” sweetie with the money and fame sure to come from a hit single (“What’s My Name”). On the latter, rapper Noah imagines sipping margaritas. A mild profanity and crass expression pop up.

Summary Advisory

With a smooth, upbeat sound reminiscent of Usher, Mario and Michael Jackson, Chris Brown is a hit with peers who project themselves into his world of youthful playas ready for grown-up opportunities. Most of those desires, however, are fueled by overactive hormones.

Bob Smithouser
Marcus Yoars
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