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Bob Waliszewski

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Pro-Social Content

Cher refuses to be used and abused by men on “Strong Enough” and “Takin’ Back My Heart. “She extols the power of true love (“The Power”), expresses affection across the miles (“Dov’ è L’Amore”) and musters self-confidence to deal with a failed romance (“Believe”). “We All Sleep Alone” alludes to the eventual spells of loneliness that plague even the most solid relationships. On “All or Nothing,” the artist tries to determine whether she should continue the seemingly futile pursuit of a love (“I’m chasing shadows/We keep falling further apart/Do you care now?”).

Objectionable Content

While not explicit, “Taxi, Taxi” suggests that sex may be part of an all night “ride.” The liner notes feature a photo of Cher in the lotus position.

Summary Advisory

Born Cherilyn Sarkesian, this enduring performer has come a long way since her days as half of the singing/comedy duo Sonny and Cher (including a 1988 Oscar for her role in Moonstruck). Her latest disc celebrates romance with a spirit of hope, a willingness to work at relationships and lyrics that will empower women short on self-respect. Very upbeat. Except for minor caveats, this is a project families can Believe in.

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