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Gruesome imagery dominates the cover art (which we can’t even picture here), the song titles and the lyrics. Examples include the murderous “Savage Butchery” (“With my bare hands I break his legs, break his neck/Now my jagged blade will bring him to his death”), “Sanded Faceless” (“Rubbing off a human visage/Enduring display of malice”), “Hung and Bled” (“Hooks through heels . . . corpses are suspended by their feet”) and “Hatchet to the Head” (“Skull fragments are flying through the air/Brains and blood scattered just about everywhere”). And those aren’t even the worst lines. On “Pit of Zombies,” lead growler George Fisher uses graphic detail to describe being eaten alive. “When Death Replaces Life” rails against religious folk and belittles the Christian belief in an afterlife. A tormented soul considers taking his own life on “Grotesque” (“I want to escape/ Stab myself, suicide/Wake me up, set me free”).

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No, Gore Obsessed isn’t about a former Vice President’s fixation on Florida’s butterfly ballots. It’s much creepier. Banned in Australia, New Zealand, Korea and (to a lesser degree) Germany, this mean-spirited metal act drags listeners through a gothic world of mutilation, murder, cadavers and the voracious undead. One critic described the band’s music as follows: “If vomit were a movie, this would be the soundtrack.” That pretty much says it all. A Christian alternative in this punishing musical genre is Few Left Standing.

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