Camino Palmero


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Bob Waliszewski

Album Review

Pro-Social Content

After turning his back on a woman, the regretful singer longs to make up for his mistakes (“Final Answer”). “Thank You” thanks God for time on earth and urges listeners to make the most of each day. On “Just That Good,” the pursuit of material trophies can’t quell loneliness. Lead singer Alex Band confesses to showing indifference toward the homeless, scolding himself and others who’ve failed to lend a hand (“We’re Forgiven”). Deep romantic commitment and a refusal to drift apart characterize “Stigmatized” and “Wherever You Will Go” (the latter believes that comforting, guiding memories will remain even if the couple is separated by death).

Objectionable Content

A conflicted man offers his date wine and a night of sex, suggesting that by giving in to their passions they would become “Unstoppable.” A mild profanity mars “Stigmatized.” On “Adrienne,” pain leads the singer to wish ill will on his unfaithful partner (“I’m needing now some sweet revenge”). Elsewhere, obsession with a “beautiful temptress” includes “impure thoughts.”

Summary Advisory

Camino Palmero acknowledges God, celebrates lifelong love and speaks up for the destitute. But several cuts show bad form in their approach to women by modeling lust, bitterness and sexual immorality.

Bob Waliszewski
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