Fashion Nugget


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Bob Waliszewski

Album Review

Pro-Social Content

“Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps” and “Open Book” articulate the need for communication in relationships.

Objectionable Content

Marred by an unclear context, a woman with “healthy breasts” is described as bouncing on a man’s “Italian Leather Sofa.” “Nugget” angrily (and repeatedly) exclaims, “Shut the f— up!” The f-word also appears on the otherwise upbeat “I Will Survive.” Uncouth imagery lands “Race Car Ya-Yas” in the pits-visions of cars in which “large, fuzzy dice still hang proudly like testicles from rearview mirrors.”

Summary Advisory

Put diverse musical genres in a big blender, hit mix and you end up with Cake, a very interesting combination of stylistic ingredients. But lyrically, this is no “family” recipe. Lightweight pro-social messages and neutral nonsense songs are no match for the band’s coarse language and sexual innuendo.

Bob Waliszewski
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