Awake and Breathe


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Bob Waliszewski

Album Review

Pro-Social Content

A girl doesn’t appreciate her boyfriend’s conceit, bad manners or the hours he expects them to spend watching TV (“If It Don’t Fit”). On “The Shy One,” the singers demand respect from a foolish, immature young man. With an optimistic eye on the future, “Someday” expects a loving relationship to prosper. A partner receives praise for being special (“My Superman”), participating in treasured memories (“In Fields Where We Lay”) and remaining committed through the seasons of life (“Leaves”). A woman affirms her fiancé on the bouncy “Jesse Hold On.” “It Was Our Day” anticipates a heavenly reunion with a departed friend, however . . .

Objectionable Content

A single line implies that people who die can become angels.

Summary Advisory

Last year we reviewed this Irish foursome’s debut disc with cautious optimism. Lots of pop positivity. Very few caveats. Now, with the release of Awake and Breathe, B*witched earns even more confident praise. This is a solid mainstream option for discerning teens.

Bob Waliszewski
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