Sixteen Stone


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Bob Waliszewski

Album Review

Pro-Social Content

Isolated lines express love.

Objectionable Content

An MTV buzz bin favorite, “Everything Zen” links rage and erotica by repeating, “There’s no sex in your violence.” The singer also refers to his “a-hole brother” in the midst of pessimistic soul searching. Various tracks portray life as miserable and meaningless (“Machinehead,” “Bomb”). “Swim” sinks like a stone because of sexual references (“We’re naked again . . . I wanna fit inside you”). Contextual ambiguity on tunes dealing with death could send dangerous messages. “Bomb” shouts “Blow me away, see if I care . . . Kill a man, kill a girl.” “Swim” repeats, “I wanna die.” On the macho, gun-toting “Testosterone,” the artist calls himself a whore “big into war.”

Summary Advisory

Some might call this “Nirvana-esque poetry.” Nihilistic noise is more like it. Don’t let Bush take root in your home; deep-six requests for Sixteen.

Bob Waliszewski
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