Scream Aim Fire


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Adam R. Holz
Bob Smithouser

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Pro-Social Content

There’s an occasional recognition of God and heaven. On “Deliver Us From Evil” frontman Matt Tuck seeks rescue and asks, “Will darkness turn to light? Can someone wake me from this nightmare?” “Say Goodnight” finds the singer uttering a tender farewell to the mother of his children, who appears to be terminally ill.

Objectionable Content

Death and dismemberment on the battlefield leave a soldier awaiting his turn to die on the fatalistic title track. That song and others spew the f-word, including the vengefully violent “Waking the Demon” (“There’s no escape from the rage I feel/… Watch the blood flow”). We get more retribution on “Last to Know.” The malicious “Disappear” includes the warning “Payback’s a b–ch” as it relishes a victim’s groveling and screams of agony. A request for the strength to persevere gives way to abject despair and what could be a suicide (“End of Days”). With similar resignation to a dark fate, “Deliver Us From Evil” surrenders, “So the world ceases turning/The tank is empty, let it dry.” Enraged, Tuck turns against his own body on “Take It Out on Me” (“Self-harming mutilation cuts deep, but the pain feels so right”).

Summary Advisory

Scream Aim Fire is a musical temper tantrum by a Welsh metalcore act too bitter to work through issues rationally. So we get hostility toward others, self-destructive nihilism and a vocabulary worthy of an explicit lyrics sticker. Cupid had better watch his back.

Adam R. Holz

After serving as an associate editor at NavPress’ Discipleship Journal and consulting editor for Current Thoughts and Trends, Adam now oversees the editing and publishing of Plugged In’s reviews as the site’s director. He and his wife, Jennifer, have three children. In their free time, the Holzes enjoy playing games, a variety of musical instruments, swimming and … watching movies.

Bob Smithouser
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