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Bob Smithouser

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Pro-Social Content

On “Womanizer” the singer wisely decides that a tomcatting guy isn’t for her. A faithful, decent man earns her respect (“Unusual You”), and motherhood gives life new luster (“My Baby”). A jilted woman doesn’t dwell on what might have been, but rather looks ahead to better days and a healthier state of mind (“Out From Under”). It could be argued that “Shattered Glass” warns men about the emotional consequences of infidelity. However …

Objectionable Content

That scorned woman relishes the idea of her ex being tormented by misery and regret. The chorus of “If U Seek Amy” spells out the f-word. Tobacco and alcohol creep into that track as well. Britney brags about being a “put-on-a-show kinda girl” who commands the spotlight (“Circus”), then uses the phrase “ef me over” as she describes her mercurial relationship with the paparazzi (“Kill the Lights”). All is a “Blur” for a hungover woman the morning after a one-night stand. That track and others resort to profanity. On “Lace and Leather” Britney lustily refers to herself as a “b–ch” ready to make a man’s sexual fantasies come true. She prides herself on being an emotionless lover who always gets her way (“Mannequin”) and invites a guy to grab and make out with her (“Mmm Papi”). She also scopes out a potential mattress mate on “Radar” (“Think I can handle that animal in the sack”).

Summary Advisory

An aptly titled disc, considering the media circus that has swirled around this artist throughout her career. Some good bits, but she’s still a salacious tease.

Bob Smithouser
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