…Baby One More Time


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Bob Waliszewski

Album Review

Pro-Social Content

Innocuous tunes about being in love, longing to love and losing a love dominate. “I Will Be There” and “I Will Still Love You” pledge long-term support and faithfulness. On “Born to Make You Happy, “Spears wants to make sense of a breakup and reconcile. A desire to work through relational difficulties is also the focus of “. . . Baby One More Time” and the gimmicky “E-mail My Heart.” Rather than spending the night with a guy, this artist is content to spend the night thinking about a guy on two cuts–a lyrical subtlety that makes a huge moral difference.

Objectionable Content

While context is vague, the title track repeatedly asks a guy to “hit” her (“hit” is street slang for sex).

Summary Advisory

This teen’s R&B-flavored bubble gum is sugary fun (though the popular video for her hook-laden hit single flaunts bare midriffs and boy-toy overtones; as do many of her photo spreads which have appeared in popular magazines).

Bob Waliszewski
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