The Dirty Boogie


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Bob Waliszewski

Album Review

Pro-Social Content

A man and woman affectionately encourage one another on “You’re the Boss” (“You’re the best of everything/You’re a peach/You’re a plum/You’re a diamond/You’re a pearl”). “As Long As I’m Singing” and “Jump Jive an’ Wail” celebrate song and dance, respectively. On “This Old House,” an elderly man gets ready to “meet the saints.”

Objectionable Content

The title track contains sexual overtones, as does the metaphorical “Nosey Joe” (about a man on the prowl for any willing woman). With a tone similar to “Bad Bad Leroy Brown,” Setzer’s “Switchblade 327” pays homage to a guy who drinks, smokes and fights. The band glorifies alcohol on “This Cat’s on a Hot Tin Roof,” “Let’s Live It Up” and a remake of the carousing Stray Cats hit “Rock This Town.”

Summary Advisory

This modern melding of rock, swing and big band is hot with teens today. A really upbeat sound. Too bad drinking, raucus sexual foraging and occasional fisticuffs cut in on the musically dynamic Boogie.

Bob Waliszewski
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