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Bob Waliszewski

Album Review

Pro-Social Content

A girl is urged to dump a “thug guy” for a “Good Guy.” The singer promises his bride that he’ll be faithful, loving and true (“I Do”). A long-time platonic friendship yields true love on “I Finally Know,” which ends with the prayer, “Thank you Lord for showing me the one.” Other songs delight in a woman’s love and recall childhood innocence.

Objectionable Content

From lustful, harem-like fantasies (“Beautiful Women”), to sexually descriptive lines such as “Let me put my love inside you/Make you tremble” (“What the Deal”), this Boyz II Men disc aims below the belt. A sexual proposition on a dance floor is the sum total of “Bounce, Shake, Move, Swing.” “Thank You in Advance” offers young fans an immoral timeline for physical relationships (first kiss, one week; sex, six weeks; marriage, the following year). Anticipating a sexual encounter, a man describes the way he and his lover tease and excite one another (“Lovely”).

Summary Advisory

These four guys have sold more than 30 million albums since breaking into the biz back in 1991 with Cooleyhighharmony. Of their new disc, member Shawn Stockman says, “We want this to be the kind of album you make love to.” Hence the hormonal lyrics. A few sweet love songs can’t compensate for Boyz II Men’s lewd prowling.

Bob Waliszewski
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