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Bob Waliszewski

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Pro-Social Content

Several tracks reverently refer to God and the Good Book before heading south. Saddened by societal decay, the guys want listeners to “Change the World” for the better.

Objectionable Content

Promiscuity is the rule. The f-word acts as harsh slang for sex in a number of misogynistic raps (“Ecstacy,” “Don’t Worry,” “One Night Stand”). “Show ’Em” mentions drinking Hennessy. The artist talks of “hid[ing] all the LSD” (“Ecstasy”) and getting high on marijuana (four cuts, including “Weed Song”), occasionally linking drug use with violent behavior (“I’m too high, wanna hurt somebody,” “I feel so violent, violent . . . f—in’ with that Ecstasy,” “doing much weed as he watchin’ you bleed”). Vicious bravado ranges from packing a gun and shooting up a club, to gang killings. “Battlezone” boasts, “We murder the bastards, puttin’ ‘em all in body bags and caskets.” “Souljahs Marching” speaks of decapitating someone by “rippin’ his dome wide open.” Racial slang also gets a workout.

Summary Advisory

Another gang of hoodlums reconciles faith in God with violent, obscene, doped-up and sexually immoral lyrics. If the Bone Thugs really want to make this world a better place, they should issue a recall of this CD.

Bob Waliszewski
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