It Won’t Be the Last


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Bob Waliszewski

Album Review

Pro-Social Content

“In the Heart of a Woman” implies that relationships take work, and urges a man to express his love to his lady and “give her room to grow, treat her tender.” He explores the dreams upon which people rely to cope with despair on “Dreamin’ in Color, Livin’ in Black and White.”

Objectionable Content

Conversation is deemed essential to ignite a passionate rendezvous on “Talk Some.” “Words by Heart” recalls adolescent sex (“that night on my bed”) and drowns the blues with a beer.

Summary Advisory

With his Lil’ Abner, beefcake image, Cyrus has won numerous fans and achieved surprising success on the pop charts. This album trades mostly on songs mourning lost love. Not very inspirational. Neither are his casual attitudes toward sex and alcohol. In spite of some redeeming elements, better options exist.

Bob Waliszewski
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