One Voice


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Bob Waliszewski

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Pro-Social Content

“One Voice” prays for a less violent world and has those prayers answered when a boy throws his gun in the river. “I Think She Likes Me” finds a young man innocently pondering a case of puppy love. Remakes of tunes by Bobby Goldsboro (“Little Things”) and Michael Martin Murphy (“What’s Forever For”) find happiness in life’s simple pleasures and wonder why people don’t work harder at making love last. An orphaned boy takes an awkward drive to “Oklahoma” with his foster mother to meet his biological dad, only to discover a kind man who promises, “Never again will you ever be alone.” “There’s a Hero” finds nobility in everyone.

Objectionable Content


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Gilman’s voice lessons began at age six. He recorded this delightful debut at 11. Of course, his innocent boy-soprano range makes several love songs seem a little premature and almost silly, but that’s excusable. His choice of material is honorable. Its presentation is a joy.

Bob Waliszewski
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