Sooner or Later


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Bob Waliszewski

Album Review

Pro-Social Content

Lightweight love songs express affection (“Can’t Say”), devotion (“Still on Your Side”), contrition (“Next Time”), a desire to overcome relational problems (“Back Here,” “Again,” “Love on the Outside”) and resiliency in the face of heartbreak (“Love Is Leaving”). “Always” could be referring to God when it says, “Somehow I feel that you’re close by . . . I know you’re watching over me always.” On “Unpredictable,” a guy tells a withdrawn girl not to underestimate the power of love, but to take a gamble and embrace it (although lines such as “Just let me hold you” make the appeal seem suspiciously self-serving).

Objectionable Content

Nothing lyrically, but the Disney-backed band’s printed thank-yous include a mild profanity and a subtle wink at underage drinking.

Summary Advisory

Currently touring with Britney Spears, this harmonizing trio may sound like ’N Sync or Backstreet Boys, but will quickly point out that they play their own instruments and shun synchronized dancing. The messages on Sooner or Later may not be world-changingly profound, but this is an extremely upbeat project at every level. With only minor cautions, it’s a pop disc worth a listen.

Bob Waliszewski
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