The Day


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Bob Waliszewski

Album Review

Pro-Social Content

Smooth, at times poetic love songs thank God for a committed partner (“Every Time I Close My Eyes”), pledge devotion (“I Said I Love You”) and express a man’s desire to work tirelessly at a relationship (“Seven Seas”). On the title track, Babyface rejoices in the prospect of becoming a father, referring to the baby as a “blessing straight from God.” “How Come, How Long” decries domestic violence. “Simple Days” recalls a time when men kept their word and friends remained faithful.

Objectionable Content

The artist crudely asks his lover, “Why must you always think I wanna get in your pants?” (“Talk to Me”). The answer may be found in his many titillating comments and sexual come-ons (on “This Is for the Lover in You,” “When Your Body Gets Weak,” “All Day Thinkin'”).

Summary Advisory

As a songwriter and producer, Babyface has developed a reputation for creating Top-10 pop and R&B hits. Quite a few reflect the same erotic preoccupation that spoils this collection of otherwise positive themes. Encourage young fans of the genre not to seize The Day.

Bob Waliszewski
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