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Bob Smithouser
Jeremy Lees

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Pro-Social Content

“Goin’ Crazy,” “Over It,” “So Much for You,” “We’ll Be Together” and the piano ballad “Unlove You” innocently relate the ups and downs of romantic attraction. The singer establishes boundaries, telling a boy to keep his hands to himself on “Don’t Touch (The Zoom Song).” Honest about her imperfections, she insists that a guy accept her for who she is, stating, “I’m not the girl that you see in the magazine/Perfect face and perfect body” (“Love Me for Me”). A “glass half-full, not half-empty” outlook on life is central to “Positivity.” Tisdale rejects the superficial image associated with celebrity, choosing to keep her feet on the ground (“Not Like That” and “Suddenly”).

Objectionable Content

Hormones kick in on the thumping, oohing “He Said She Said” (“Baby I could see us kissin’ like that … Boy, just one night with you/All the things we could do”). Follow-your-heart advice on “We’ll Be Together” doesn’t consider the wisdom of Jeremiah 17:9. In liner photos, Tisdale comes across as a Paris Hilton-lite tease.

Summary Advisory

Regular appearances in Disney’s The Suite Life of Zack and Cody and High School Musical have already made 21-year-old Ashley Tisdale a star in tween circles. Musically, her playful debut is upbeat and generally harmless—bubblegum with an electronica dance groove. But we can’t shake the feeling that saucier stuff (like “He Said She Said”) may become the rule rather than the exception.

Bob Smithouser
Jeremy Lees
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