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Bob Waliszewski

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Pro-Social Content

“Baby” and “Happy” gush over a special man (the latter thanks God for a heaven-sent partner). Ashanti determines to cut loose a no-good boyfriend on “Foolish.”

Objectionable Content

“Call” finds a woman saying to her squeeze, “When you call, I come running . . . I can tell what’s on your mind, the same thing that’s on mine.” Scrabble? Not likely. At least it’s not as sexually explicit as some cuts. “Scared” and “Leaving (Always on Time Part II)” mix sex and profanity. The extremely graphic “Unfoolish” is the disc’s biggest spoiler. On it, a man propositions a young woman by reminding her of how he pleasured her manually in public, and of their ménage à trois with her sister. That track and others use the f-word. On “Voodoo,” the singer blames a hex for causing her to two-time her man (“Even though it feels wrong, I can’t fight it”). A woman influenced by “Movies” fantasizes about bringing a lover to his knees, detailing the lusty encounter. “Over” includes obscene bickering.

Summary Advisory

This stickered disc set a record for first-week sales by a new female R&B artist (502,000). But Ashanti S. Douglas’ choice of profane guest rappers, plus immodest lyrics and CD photos, makes it a moral bust.

Bob Waliszewski
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