Rhythm of Love


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Bob Waliszewski

Album Review

Pro-Social Content

For the most part, these sweet love songs stay on the straight and narrow, stressing vocal passion and emotional transparency. On “You Belong to Me,” Baker reminds her man that true love is exclusive love. “I Apologize” expresses regret for words spoken in anger. Several cuts examine the long-term benefits of romantic commitment (“Sometimes I Wonder Why,” “Baby,” “It’s Been You”).

Objectionable Content

Nothing explicit. Baker tells a friend that she has imagined “cav[ing] in to sweet surrender” with him in “a love dream so tender” (“It’s Been You”).

Summary Advisory

With the above exception, fans of mellow R&B sounds will find these original ballads and remakes of adult contemporary classics (“My Funny Valentine,” “You Belong to Me” and “Look of Love”) a winning combination.

Bob Waliszewski
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