Jar of Flies


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Bob Waliszewski

Album Review

Pro-Social Content

“No Excuses” expresses commitment to a friend. Soul searching leads the band to observe that “arrogance is potent” (“Rotten Apple”) and a heart can become hard (“I Stay Away”).

Objectionable Content

Such philosophical ramblings mean nothing if they don’t point to solutions. Wallowing in misery, “Nutshell” even contemplates suicide (“I fight this battle all alone, no one to cry to, no place to call home . . . I’d feel better dead”). “Don’t Follow” glorifies alcohol use-this from a group proudly outspoken about its abuse of foreign substances. With the exception of the melodic “Whale and Wasp,” Jar of Flies‘ dark, eerie music and haunting lyrics seem determined to create a sense of despair in the listener.

Summary Advisory

This 7-track, extended play collection comes from an act that has described itself as “Satan’s penis incarnated into a band” [Rip, 12/93]. This vivid self-portrait alone should give discerning parents more than enough reason to keep Flies out of the house.

Bob Waliszewski
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