Alice in Chains


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Bob Waliszewski

Album Review

Pro-Social Content

For the most part, just isolated lines. “Again” refuses to repeat past mistakes. “Shame on You” speaks of correcting bad habits and strives for inner peace.

Objectionable Content

Several tracks use the f-word to punctuate strains of hopelessness and despair. With a vengeance, “Grind” and “Sludge Factory” take pleasure in the pain of others. The latter encourages listeners to “repay all who caused strife.” Other songs glorify drug use. “God Am” is a bitter, blasphemous “prayer” that blames the Almighty for the world’s problems.

Summary Advisory

Dark. Brooding. Cold. Rolling Stone [11/30/95] said the band is “like a slashed wrist-stark, bloody and dramatic, but more indicative of a cry for help than a true desire to spiral into the void.” Surely, their well-chronicled drug use isn’t helping. Teens should steer clear of Alice.

Bob Waliszewski
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