One in a Million


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Bob Waliszewski

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Pro-Social Content

On the title cut, Aaliyah communicates love and commitment to her man. She later promises faithfulness “in times of trouble” (“I Gotcha’ Back”). Feeling used in a relationship, she stands up for herself and dumps the bum (“Never Comin’ Back”). “4-Page Letter” finds the artist recalling-and following-her parents’ advice. However . . .

Objectionable Content

. . . Sexually suggestive lyrics spoil whatever good this disc has going for it. “Hot Like Fire,” “Giving You More,” “Came to Give Love” and “Never Givin’ Up” all celebrate passionate sex-without suggesting a marital context. Aaliyah is content to be the “other woman” in her boyfriend’s life on “If Your Girl Only Knew.” “Got to Give It Up” finds a man in a dance club ordering alcohol.

Summary Advisory

This teenage former wife of salacious rapper R. Kelly does have some positive things to say. Unfortunately, they get lost amid the hormones. While she may employ more subtlety than her ex-husband, Aaliyah is still much too steamy for young R&B fans.

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Bob Waliszewski
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