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Bob Waliszewski

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Pro-Social Content

Lots of romantic gasping and grasping—breathless confessions of devotion (“My Everything,” “The Way You Do,” “I’ll Give It All”), and clingy pleas for a second chance or a shot at doing a current beau one better (“Never Giving Up,” “You Should Be Mine,” “He’ll Never Be,” “Yesterday’s Letter,” “The Way You Want Me To”). All are basically lightweight appeals for solid, caring relationships.

Objectionable Content

More sensual than their last disc, Revelation implies that sex is part and parcel of healthy dating relationships. “Give Me Just One Night (Una Noche)” says, “Your lips keep tellin’ me you want me/Hold me close all through the night.” Similarly, a guy asks a girl if he can “Stay the Night.” On “Dizzy,” these bachelors admit to “dreamin’ day and night of making love” and propose, “Girl, you know tonight’s the night . . . Shake your booty to the ground.”

Summary Advisory

Love songs get upstaged by smoldering sexuality. It’s projects like this that make parents glad to have a quality Christian boy-band alternative in Plus One.

Bob Waliszewski
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