Get Rich or Die Tryin’


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Bob Waliszewski

Album Review

Pro-Social Content

50 Cent prays for serenity, courage and wisdom on “Gotta Make It to Heaven.” “21 Questions” wants to be sure a lady is offering unconditional love and long-term commitment, but …

Objectionable Content

While 50 Cent demands faithfulness, he doesn’t hold himself to the same standard. On the hit “In Da Club,” he winks at bisexuality and repeats, “I’m into having sex/I ain’t into making love.” “P.I.M.P.” says, “This ho, you can have her when I’m done/I ain’t gon’ keep her.” He’s also “looking for a slut” (“Patiently Waiting”) and gets pleasured by married groupies (“Like My Style”). This stickered disc features graphic sexual slang and obscenities. Drug and alcohol use are glamorized on a half-dozen tracks, most notably “High All the Time.” Countless threats of gang violence and murder include “I’ll ride by and blow your brains out,” “I’ll have your mama picking out your casket,” “I bust a clip in your face” and “My knife flip open and then I gets to pokin’.” On several cuts, the rapper claims to talk with God and have His blessing, but there’s little reverence for the Almighty or desire to live for Him. 50 admits, “I got a head full of evil thoughts” on “U Not Like Me.” A self-serving reference to the 9-11 World Trade Center attack is in poor taste (“Patiently Waiting”).

Summary Advisory

A line from “High All the Time” says it all: “You don’t want me to be your kid’s role model.” As well as Get Rich or Die Tryin’ has sold, 50 Cent has the ears of a lot of young music fans. Don’t let yours be among them.

Bob Waliszewski
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