Part III


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Bob Waliszewski

Album Review

Pro-Social Content

A guy tells a rich girl he’s in love with her, not her money (“All I Want Is You”). In the wake of a bad breakup, forgiveness rules over bitterness (“Still in Love”).

Objectionable Content

“Peaches & Cream” is a euphemism for sex, which the insatiable singer wants to taste “in my car or even in my bed, or baby on the stairs.” Choosing between two women gets complicated when sex takes the fore (“Caught Up”). Upon learning that he’s been intimate with another man’s girlfriend, the singer downplays its significance on “Don’t Hate Me” saying, “Sing a song, take ’em home, make ’em moan, then I’m gone/It’s just a game to me” (and that’s supposed to spare him a fat lip?). “Sweet Love” is a graphic sexual proposition. Two cuts make excuses for a promiscuous lifestyle (“Player,” “Do What You Gotta Do”). A girl at a party gets invited back to a man’s crib for alcohol and sex (“Dance with Me”).

Summary Advisory

Modern R&B meets Motown on this disc by four high school buddies from Atlanta. They have talent. Too bad they’re using it to promote sexual immorality. Teens don’t have to read between the lines to see that this group’s focus is between the sheets. Woe to the young fan who reads the “Christ first” professions in Part III’s acknowledgements and believes them. Deep-six 112.

Bob Waliszewski
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