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Get on Up

Movie Review


Movie Review

A Most Wanted Man

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Video Review

The Other Woman


Australian singer Sia Furler isn't even remotely interested in being a celebrity. In fact, she's more than a little afraid of it. That and quite a few other things too.

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Young & Hungry

This food-centric sitcom may be produced by Disney alum Ashley Tisdale and air on ABC Family. But there's nothing family or appetizing about it.

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Sniper Elite III

Here's a shooter/combat game that wants you to see exactly what damage you're causing—every crushed bone and ruptured organ.


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The Devil's in the Demographics

The entertainment we consume is supposed to, on some level, reflect the real world. Oh, sure, big blockbuster movies aren't exactly documentaries: There may be gigantic monsters stomping around or sentient apes ...


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